Weekend Beginning 20th May

Onions Potatoes Penne pasta Oranges Ginster Steak Slices Milk Pringles Fruit cordial Pot noodles Garlic Chicken pieces Skinless sausages Minced beef Radishes Lettuce Tomatoes Bread products Rice Spring onions Stock cubes Apples Minced beef Peppers Ham slices Parsnips Rice Krispies cereal Cheddar cheese Eggs Pasta sauce Mushrooms Tomatoes

Weekend Beginning 6th May

Onions Sweet Potatoes Microwave mushroom rice/rice Spaghetti pasta Chicken burgers- Use by 5/5/22. Apologies. Chilled at 5 degrees or lower until delivery. Eat today or freeze Oranges Meat pies some frozen/some fresh - reheat @180 till piping hot. Raffaelo chocolates Chocolate biscuits UHT semi-skimmed milk Pringles Sliced bread Teabags Nude drinks

Weekend Beginning 22nd April

Butternut squash Cauliflower Carrots Onions Potatoes Margarine Soup - some frozen/some tinned Risotto rice Spaghetti pasta Sausages Basil Oranges Wonky pies some frozen/some fresh - reheat @180 till piping hot. Fine beans Kale - limited Swede Yogurts Banoffee cake Stock cubes Apples Parmesan Cheese - block or shavings

Weekend Beginning 14th April

Butternut squash Cauliflower Carrots Onions Chicken Lamb Potatoes Hot cross buns Biscuits Jam Butter Cream Pastry block Eggs Garlic Stock cubes Apples Baking apples Cheese Milk Lemon Carrot cake Chocolates Easter eggs Sours jelly sweets Peppers Ham slices Parsnips Cereal You will

Weekend Beginning 8th April

Butternut squash Bread[frozen] Noodles Cereal Tinned baked beans Tinned soup Cauliflower Oats Teabags Tinned sardines Carrots Onions Mushrooms Chicken pieces Green smoothies Kale PotatoesBurger buns Tinned tomatoes Tinned tuna Pasta Pasta sauce Stock cubes Peanut butter Caster sugar Apples Mandarins Plums Sausage meat Tinned sweetcorn Cheese Milk Coconut

Weekend Beginning 25th March

Butternut squash Jacket Potatoes Seeded Bread Pot noodles Tomato puree Cereal Tinned spaghetti hoops Lemon Vegetable oil Strawberry health bars Tinned soup Mayonnaise Scotch eggs/corned beef Cauliflower Rice Strawberry fruit bars Plain flourSproutsMinced beefCouscous Tinned tomatoes Tinned fruit Rice Pasta - spaghetti Rustic Passata Peppers Tinned kidney beans

Weekend Beginning 11th March

Butternut squash Satsumas Potatoes Carrots Apples Granola Pak choy Spring onions Onions Cauliflower Plums Sliced bread [frozen] Almond milk Turkey stew Carbonara pasta pots Baked beans Teabags Mince pies Tinned tomatoes Tinned sweetcorn Tinned fruit Tinned meat products Pasta bake [free from] Mullerlight corner yogurts Pepperoni or bacon

Weekend Beginning 11th February

Satsumas Potatoes CarrotsJerusalem artichokes Apples Soup Cereal or porridge oats Soft full fat cheese cheese Bread Milk Sprouts Turkey stew Butter chicken and rice Carbonara pasta sauce Pasta Passata Baked beans Minced beef Patak's Korma sauce Chicken breastsVarious pies Aubergine/courgette Mango Sausage rolls Strawberry dairy free milkshake Mild

Weekend Beginning 4th February

Satsumas Potatoes Carrots Apples Soup Eggs Spring onions Broccoli Cereal or porridge oats Soft full fat cheese cheese Bread Milk UHT Sprouts Sweet potatoes Tinned ham or corned beef Sliced bread Baked beans Risotto rice Spaghetti Minced beef Ragu sauce Chicken breast Sweetcorn Peppers/courgette Lettuce Alpro desserts Alpro

Weekend Beginning 28th January

Satsumas Potatoes Carrots Apples Soup Eggs Madeleines cakes/Rice cakes Spring onions Tinned tomatoes Kidney beans Cabbage Cauliflower/broccoli Cereal Cheddar cheese Tinned tuna Milk Individual three bean chilli to add to home made chilli Passata Tinned ham Sliced bread Baked beans Cucumber Lemon Bananas Custard Chocolate dusted banana chips

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