Weekend Beginning 22nd October

Bread Cereal Pasta Cauliflower Cabbage Baked beans Tinned tomatoes Noodles Strawberries Soup- fresh or tinned Frittata or quiche Mangoes Red peppers Sugar free chocolate spread Pot noodles Tinned ham Tinned Salmon Tinned tuna Pasta sauce Tinned green lentils Carrots Onions Onions Olive

Weekend Beginning 15th October

Potatoes Sliced bread Broccoli Pasta Rice Cabbage or cauliflower Baked beans Baby tomatoes Spinach Mozzarella Soup- fresh or tinned Pizza Cereal Corn on the cob Eggs Chick peas Vegan Mayonnaise Tinned chicken curry Tinned tuna Pasta or pesto sauce Lemons or Satsumas Cereal bars Mango Pears

Weekend Beginning 8th October

Potatoes Courgette Potatoes Cereal UHT Semi-skimmed milk Sliced bread Broccoli Pasta Rice Spaghetti hoops Coffee Chilli seasoning No meat mince Oranges Mango Cauliflower Eggs Cheddar cheese Cocktail sausages Fresh soup Yogurts Tinned tomatoes Kidney beans Tinned Irish stew Fresh cherry tomatoes Lemon

Weekend Beginning 1st October

Potatoes Onions Kale Oranges Bananas Mango Spinach Peppers Corn on the cob Courgette Bagged potatoes Cereal Mozzarella UHT Semi-skimmed milk Sardines Butter Sliced bread Danish Blue Cheese Garlic butter sachets Cheesy croutons Green Pesto Strong bread flour for pizzas Yeast sachet Mr Kipling's Angel Slices Fresh soup Spaghetti

Weekend Beginning 24th September

Fresh soup Bread rolls Tinned Ham Tinned Salmon Baked beans Potatoes for wedges Pasta Tinned lentils Red peppers Mushrooms Basmati rice Carrots Red Leicester Cheese Eggs Cereal Oranges Peppers Broccoli Beetroot Pasta sauce Pesto Onions Fruit cocktail Pointed cabbage Almond milk Butter Chutney Courgette

Weekend Beginning 17th September

Yogurt Lactose free milk Chicken drumsticks Grapefruit Baking potatoes Potatoes for wedges Nectarines Onions Eggs Kiwis Red Leicester cheese Runner BeansDried NoodlesKidney beansCheddar cheeseButter beans Passion fruit Apples Figs Cauliflower Sliced bread Pak Choi Courgettes Weetabix Fray Bentos Steak Pie Mini peppers Tuna Baked Beans Cucumbers Plain Flour

Weekend Beginning 10th September

Tuna Fish Tomatoes Tinned Tomatoes/Passata Strawberries Sliced Bread Potatoes Pasta Baking Potatoes Mayonnaise Baked Beans ApplesBananas Garlic Green Beans French Onion Soup Eggs Cucumber Courgette Cheese Cereal or Porridge Cabbage Burger Baps Breaded Chicken Bolognese Sauce Spring Onion Minced Turkey Minced Beef

Weekend Beginning 27th August

What is Included in the Box This Week Rice Sliced bread Marmelade Fromage frais Cheese slices Limes Avocado Apples Runner or French beans Tomato soup Pasta Milk Tea Spices Chicken Garlic Grapes Baking potatoes Courgettes Crusty bread Cereals Coffee Coriander Tuna or ham Onions

Weekend Beginning 13th August

What is Included in the Box This Week Yoghurts Milk Cereal Soup Tea Coffee Pasta Onions Bolognese Sauce Pasta Sauce Ham Corned Beef Tortilla Wraps Cheese Iceberg Lettuce Soup Kidney Beans Limes Grapefruit Bananas Celery Peppers Apples Spaghetti Hoops/Baked Beans

Weekend Beginning 6th August

What is Included in the Box This Week Yoghurts Milk Cereal Soup Leeks Puff Pastry UHT Milk Mushrooms Mince beef Tinned tomatoes Bolognese sauce Spaghetti Lettuce Spring onion Green beans Potatoes Chicken Some of the food is surplus food

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