Weekend Beginning 27th August

Milk UHT Bread rolls [Frozen] Sliced bread [Frozen] Tinned baked beans Tinned tomatoes Tinned Spaghetti Dried pasta Pasta shapes Potatoes Naked fruit bars Peas in the pod Beetroot Chocolate and peanut butter Broccoli Tomatoes Horseradish sauce Eggs Carrots Apples Lettuce Cucumber Porridge oats/cereal Pasta sauce Vegetable/Vegan Pasties Sausages

Weekend Beginning 12th August

Milk UHT Sliced bread [BBE 13/08/22] Tinned baked beans Tinned tomatoes Lettuce Cherry tomatoes Courgettes Apples Onions Satsumas Peppers Mango Radishes Mushrooms Oyster stir fry sauce [BBE 30/08/22] Frozen bread rolls New potatoes Carrots Cheddar cheese Yogurts- Actimel Pasta Rice Cereal Chocolates Pointed cabbage/cabbage Broccoli Beetroot Mayonnaise Tinned

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