Weekend Beginning 24th September

Fresh soup Bread rolls Tinned Ham Tinned Salmon Baked beans Potatoes for wedges Pasta Tinned lentils Red peppers Mushrooms Basmati rice Carrots Red Leicester Cheese Eggs Cereal Oranges Peppers Broccoli Beetroot Pasta sauce Pesto Onions Fruit cocktail Pointed cabbage Almond milk Butter Chutney Courgette

Mushroom Stroganoff

Mushroom Stroganoff 2 tsp Oil1 Onion1 tbsp Paprika2 Cloves of Garlic300 g Mixed Mushrooms150 ml Beef or Vegetable Stock1 tbsp Worcestershire Sauce3 tbsp Soured Cream250 g Rice Heat oil in a large non-stick frying pan and soften onion for about 5 minutes.Add the paprika and garlic, then cook for 1 min more. Add the mushrooms

Weekend Beginning 17th September

Yogurt Lactose free milk Chicken drumsticks Grapefruit Baking potatoes Potatoes for wedges Nectarines Onions Eggs Kiwis Red Leicester cheese Runner BeansDried NoodlesKidney beansCheddar cheeseButter beans Passion fruit Apples Figs Cauliflower Sliced bread Pak Choi Courgettes Weetabix Fray Bentos Steak Pie Mini peppers Tuna Baked Beans Cucumbers Plain Flour

Chicken and Bean Stew

Chicken and Bean Stew 1 kg chicken drumsticks1 tbsp oil2 onions1 red chilli (optional)250 g frozen vegetables1 tin tomatoes1 tin cannellini beans1 tin kidney beans400 ml chicken stock150 ml sour creamSmall bunch coriander Pull the skin off the chicken and discard. Heat the oil in a large casserole dish, brown the chicken all over, then

Weekend Beginning 10th September

Tuna Fish Tomatoes Tinned Tomatoes/Passata Strawberries Sliced Bread Potatoes Pasta Baking Potatoes Mayonnaise Baked Beans ApplesBananas Garlic Green Beans French Onion Soup Eggs Cucumber Courgette Cheese Cereal or Porridge Cabbage Burger Baps Breaded Chicken Bolognese Sauce Spring Onion Minced Turkey Minced Beef

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