Helping people eat well

‘Because everyone deserves to eat well’ is more than just a strap line. We truly believe no-one should experience hunger, or the uncertainty of providing a nutritious meal for their loved ones.

Catch 77 is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company set up to deliver this mission. Our initial focus is on helping as many families as we possibly can during the Covid-19 pandemic. With schools closed and so many families struggling to bring in a steady income, we are working with our network of partners and supporters to deliver a weekly box of tasty goodies with a smile.

We are based in Mid Devon, but we are working in partnership to extend our Family Food Box service to as many families in need as possible.

Beyond the immediate coronavirus crisis our goal is to build a sustainable community food business helping people that typically have less access to affordable and nutritious food. “Food deserts” in the US jargon!

While we’re not convinced by this as a descriptive term, we do see a range of barriers to people eating well in the UK. Some of these are economic or social, some geographical. We are particularly focused on overcoming these barriers in more rural communities. Communities close to home.

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PiersCo-Founder & Director
Piers has spent the past 15 years working in NHS research, focused on developing infrastructure and capacity for dementia research. He’s hoping some of his experience in building networks will stand him in good stead to grow Catch 77 to deliver on its mission. He loves his food, particularly slow cooking, smoking and BBQ’ing. And eating of course!
JoolsCo-Founder & Director
Enthusiastic foodie Jools has a background in arts and hospitality. She loves anything food related, which has been particularly useful for creating the weekly food box menu’s! Alongside setting up Catch 77, Jools has spent most of lockdown rummaging around in her newly established veggie garden with her daughter, Edie!
Mary is a well known and respected member of our local community – and she is super organised(!) – so we are thrilled to have her join the team to lick us into shape.

“I am thrilled to be working with Catch77 at this very exciting time of expansion for the company. I am passionate about trying to do my best for children and families and want to ensure we do our best to tackle food poverty locally here in Bradninch and Devon.

I have had a varied career; my work experience ranges from designing and making for the professional theatre to leading and managing busy Nursery settings as an Early Years teacher. I am also a freelance parent coach helping families navigate the trials and tribulations of young children and their behaviours.”

EmilySocial Media Coordinator
Emily has just graduated with a first class degree in Media Production, so we are chuffed she’s able to join us to help us produce better digital content and get our social media up and running!

“I’m really excited to be getting involved with Catch 77 and to putting my degree and previous media experience to good use building Catch 77’s social media profile. I have a big interest in cooking and baking, and like the Catch 77 team, love using fresh produce as much as possible.”

Welcome aboard Emily!

KatyMenu Planner
We are really pleased to have Katy join the team. Not only does she have buckets of experience she is also one of the leading lights in Sustainable Bradninch, so she’ll help make us ever more connected with like minded organisations.

“I am thrilled to be working with CATCH77 developing menus and recipes that are easily achievable for families in Bradninch and its surroundings. I am passionate about food and using my creativity to make interesting and tasty meals using whatever is at hand. I want to help reduce food waste and have helped establish Bradninch Community Food Shed with this in mind.

I have taught Technology in Secondary Schools for nearly 30 years and am pleased to be with CATCH77 at its infancy and to be part of its future development.”

IanVolunteer Delivery Driver
Ian is one of our ever-present volunteers who has been with us since the start, volunteering as a delivery driver, and helping us get our boxes out to our families. When he is not lugging our boxes around, Ian also volunteers with Bradninch Together and is a town Councilor – as well as freelance working on the side!
“I’ve lived in Bradninch for over 9 years now, having moved from the south east. Happily retired, it’s so good to be helping out with Catch77 as a delivery driver, and also doing a bit of admin. The folk I’m working with are a lovely crowd and it’s such a positive thing that we can help others out practically.”
“I am delighted to become part of the Catch 77 team having completed my Degree in Human Geography at Gloucester University. I am looking forward to being able to make a difference by supporting the team. I am enthusiastic about the positive opportunities that this experience will bring and how it will challenge and engage me.”
JimVolunteer Delivery Driver
Jim is one of our delivery drivers. He has lived in Bradninch for ten years and is a town councillor. He spends his time walking the dog, researching at the University, and keeping up-to-date with music from the 1970s and the Premier league.
Cariad has been in and around Bradninch for about 26 years and both her children, who are now 25 and 20, grew up here, apart from a few years in Dartington and in Catalunya. She is a theatre researcher, practitioner and teacher and specialises in puppet theatre and theatre in healthcare contexts. She also volunteers with Bradninch Together, offering help to local vulnerable people.

“What an amazing service you provide – and the lady that delivered was so very kind and polite.  Massive thumbs up from me, thank you.”

One of Family Food Box recipients


We are a not-for-profit organisation relying on donations and grants. Please support us to help more people by donating or telling others about us.


We work in partnership with schools, community groups and suppliers to deliver our services. Please get in touch to discuss working with us to help more families.


Our free weekly food boxes provide ingredients and menu plans for 5 hot meals for all the family, plus essentials for breakfast.


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“Absolutely amazing such yummy food.”

“Excellent idea with many useful items. Thank you.”

“Amazing selection and loving the recipe ideas!”

“Your service is fantastic, thank you very much.”.