Weekend Beginning 24th December

UHT milk Bread Dried/microwaveable rice Potatoes Onions Red cabbage Carrots Mixed tinned soups Cherry tomatoes Parsnips Avocados Sliced beetroot Spinach Garlic bread Pizza Lasagne sheets Single or double cream Sweet biscuits Savoury biscuits Kenya beans Bacon Sprouts Chicken supreme sauce mix Apples Satsumas Porridge oats Tinned ham and

Weekend Beginning 16th December

UHT milk Bread products Dried rice Potatoes Onions Broccoli Peppers Red and traditional orange carrots Mixed tinned soups TomatoesParsnipsLemonsBananas or pearsPeppersAvocadoBeetrootSquash Apples Garlic Pears Oranges Soreen lunch bars Wasabi nuts Cereal or oatsCherry keffir yogurt drinkTofuGlazed pork ribsCured hamPrawn masala curry and riceSriracha hot sauceTinned chicken currySweet potatoesCranberry

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