Week Beginning 1st March

Week Beginning 1st March Soup Garlic Bread Pasta Pasta Sauce Broccoli Peppers Cheese Tuna Sweetcorn Jacket Potatoes Garlic Mince Beef Spaghetti Pasta Onions Tomato and Mushroom Bolognese Sauce Battered or Breaded Cod Frozen Peas Tinned Tomatoes


  Flapjacks 125 g Butter90 g Golden Syrup90 g Light Muscovado Sugar250 g Oats Lightly butter the roasting tin.Combine the butter, syrup and sugar in a saucepan and heat gently until the ingredients has melted and dissolved. Stir in the oats and mix well.Soon into the prepared tin and smooth the surface with a spoon

Week Beginning the 22nd February

Week Beginning 22nd February Some of the food is surplus food that would of otherwise gone to waste so some items we include in our boxes may be close to the end of their ‘shelf life’. However, we undertake quality checks with every product to assess whether it is

Pesto Pasta with Bacon

Pesto Pasta with Bacon 1 Onion350 g Pasta1 Broccoli2 tsp Oil1 tbsp PestoBacon Cook pasta in salted boiling water and 3 minutes before pasta is cooked add broccoli. Leave pasta to cool but pour cold water over the broccoli to stop the cooking and set the colour.Meanwhile, heat oil in a frying pan over medium


Nachos 1 Bag Tortilla Chips100 g Cheese½ tsp Chilli Flakes (optional)1 ChilliSalsa1 Spring Onions (optional) Scatter the chips on to a baking tray and pour over salsa then sprinkle the onions on top.Grate the cheese and scatter on top on salsa and chips. Then add the chilli or chilli flakes. Place under a hot grill

Week Beginning 14th February

Week Beginning 14th February Tortilla Wraps Cheese Peppers Onions Ready-Made Soup Jacket Potatoes Baked Beans Tuna Sweetcorn Mayonnaise Minced Beef Bolognese Sauce Garlic Carrots Bread Mix Mozzarella Mushrooms Tomato Paste Vegetable Burgers Red or White Cabbage


  Quesadilla 4 Tortilla Wrap300 g Cheese½ Onion½ Pepper Grate cheese and place on half the wrap. Finely chop onions and peppers then place on top of cheese.Fold over the wrap into a half. Place on baking tray make sure to leave space between the wraps.Cover with tin foil and place in the oven for


Coleslaw This can be serve as a side dish. Apples can be added. 2 Carrots½ Cabbage½ Onion2-3 tbsp Mayonnaise Peel the carrots and grate, finely chop the onion and cabbage and add mayonnaise coating all the vegetables well. Add lemon juice if you need more liquid to help mix it. Then serve as a side.

Week Beginning 8th February

Week Beginning 8th February Pasta Spring Onions Spring Greens Cheese Tinned Tomatoes Hotdog Sausages Bread Rolls Potatoes Chickpeas Spinach Crème Fraiche Peas (Frozen) Spaghetti Lemon Onions Chicken Pieces New Potatoes Sweetcorn Peppers Chorizo Cherry Tomatoes

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