Weekend Beginning 28th January

Satsumas Potatoes Carrots Apples Soup Eggs Madeleines cakes/Rice cakes Spring onions Tinned tomatoes Kidney beans Cabbage Cauliflower/broccoli Cereal Cheddar cheese Tinned tuna Milk Individual three bean chilli to add to home made chilli Passata Tinned ham Sliced bread Baked beans Cucumber Lemon Bananas Custard Chocolate dusted banana chips

Weekend Beginning 21st January

Satsumas Potatoes Carrots Alpro chocolate mousse Pak choy Apples Tomatoes Soup Eggs Oat drink Madeleines cakes Spring onions Peanut butter Tinned tomatoes Sweetcorn/pulses Pitta bread Passata/tomato puree Polish sausage Sliced bread Baked beans Cucumber Lemon Little gem lettuces Custard Potato sticks Chocolate dusted banana chips Coconut and turmeric

Vegetable Shepherds Pie

  Vegetable Shepherds Pie 1 tbsp oil1 leek2 carrots150 g mushrooms1 garlic clove400 g pulses400 g chopped tomatoes400 ml vegetable stock1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce1 tbsp soy sauce1 kg potatoes- sweet or white1 clove garlic Add oil to pan, add the chopped leek. Fry until they soften. Add chopped carrots, chopped mushrooms, and garlic.Add any fresh

Weekend Beginning 14th January

Satsumas Potatoes Carrots Yogurt Porridge oats Apples Tomatoes Soup Eggs Fresh/frozen milk Mangoes Mushrooms Brioche rolls Chocolate dessert Tinned tuna Pasta- dried Passata Pies-various[frozen and non frozen] Red or white cabbage Peppers Onions Sliced Pork Tongue Sliced bread Strawberries Meringue nests Radishes Strawberry preserve Teabags Baked beans Tinned

Turkey Pilaf

  Turkey Pilaf 500 g shredded cooked turkey2 cloves garlicbunch fresh parsley or 2 tblsp dried parsley1 tin chickpeas1 stock cube150 g basmati rice50 g frozen peas100 g sweetcorn Peel the onion and finely slice with the garlic, then peel and halve the carrot lengthways and finely slice at an angle. Pick the parsley leaves

Weekend Beginning 7th January

Satsumas Potatoes Parsnips Carrots Yogurt Cereal Apples Tomatoes Sprouts Soup Christmas pudding Lemons Celery Eggs Spaghetti hoops Fresh milk Garlic powderAvocadoesCucumber Pasta- fresh or dried Passata Cheese Rice Turkey[frozen] Portobello Mushrooms Cheese topped rolls or similar Yorkshire puddings[frozen] Cranberries Pies-various[frozen and non frozen] Mozzarella cheese Red or white cabbage

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