Kofta meatballs and couscous

  Kofta meatballs and couscous 1 tbsp oili pkt kofta mix spices200 g couscous500 g mince beef Add the kofta mix to the mince beef in a bowl until evenly distributed.Divide the mixture into 16 pieces rolling each into an oval shape.Add oil to a sauce pan. Fry them in the pan until they are

Weekend Beginning 20th May

Onions Potatoes Penne pasta Oranges Ginster Steak Slices Milk Pringles Fruit cordial Pot noodles Garlic Chicken pieces Skinless sausages Minced beef Radishes Lettuce Tomatoes Bread products Rice Spring onions Stock cubes Apples Minced beef Peppers Ham slices Parsnips Rice Krispies cereal Cheddar cheese Eggs Pasta sauce Mushrooms Tomatoes

Weekend Beginning 6th May

Onions Sweet Potatoes Microwave mushroom rice/rice Spaghetti pasta Chicken burgers- Use by 5/5/22. Apologies. Chilled at 5 degrees or lower until delivery. Eat today or freeze Oranges Meat pies some frozen/some fresh - reheat @180 till piping hot. Raffaelo chocolates Chocolate biscuits UHT semi-skimmed milk Pringles Sliced bread Teabags Nude drinks

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