Harvesting home-grown spinach!

Mondays are busy days at Catch 77 as it’s delivery day, but this week I was up extra early. On the menu this week is spinach and pea pasta, and it just so happens that my veg patch has a decent crop of spinach ready for picking.  Marvelous how Jools plans the menus like that!

We are doing our best to help families create nutritious meals by including plenty of fresh fruit and veg in our boxes. Clearly there’s a balance to be struck because, as we hear all the time, fresh fruit and veg costs quite a lot. We want to help as many families as we can, and at the same time make sure they get good stuff in our boxes.

So this week we’ve taken advantage of what we’ve got in our home veg patch to add to the food boxes.  I’m just hoping then that everyone receiving our boxes the week will appreciate the back-breaking work that went into sowing and harvesting the spinach!!!


One of the things that makes our boxes a bit different from some of the other options available for people in need of help sourcing food is that we’re providing a range of fresh, chilled and frozen foods, as well as dried and preserved foods. Most our fruit and veg are sourced from the West Country, and some very close to home indeed!

“Very happy to see all the fresh fruit and veg. Thank you all so much.”

As we get Catch 77 up and running we’re looking to develop a network of local suppliers, so if you’re one who’d like to work with us, please get in touch.

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