Well that was quite a summer…

Perhaps not the type of summer that will last long in the memory for the right reasons, but wow, its been quite a summer. Having set up Catch 77 in the initial lockdown to support families when the schools closed down, our supply chain was built around using spare capacity at one of our local primary schools, St Michael’s – and many many thanks to Sue and the team there for all their help! However, the advent of the summer holidays meant that they were all heading off on a (very well-earned) break. Unfortunately most of our families continued to need our support through the summer holidays, so we had a mad scrabble around to get a new supply chain in place.

The end result has been that we have brought much of the work ‘in house’ rather than relying on a partner to provide our family food boxes. We now get about half the contents for our boxes from Exeter Food Action, which is absolutely fabulous! We also get donations of dried goods like pasta and rice from Morrisons. The remaining items we buy each week to enable us to ensure the boxes have everything they need. And then on a Monday morning a small but perfectly formed group of local volunteers gets together and gets all the boxes packed up, before another merry band of volunteers helps to deliver them out to our families.

So what with all that, I’m afraid we haven’t had much time to post many updates. But we are still here and still plugging away!



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“Absolutely amazing such yummy food.”

“Excellent idea with many useful items. Thank you.”

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