Every little helps!

Well, not that they like to think of themselves as ‘little’ but I enlisted my kids to help me collect boxes this afternoon.  Our local Tesco store in Cullompton had kindly put aside some sturdy cardboard boxes for us to use for deliveries.  So who better to get to ride the trolley across the car park?!

It is great fund involving the kids in this sort of thing.  When I set up Join Dementia Research a few years ago they were all over that (and if you think you might be, click here for more info!), forever donning a JDR t-shirt to raise awareness.  I’m not saying that they swayed the balance in finding a cure for Alzheimer’s but it does make working on these sort of things fun when the kids are enthused.  The family food boxes are something they really understand. My kids love their food – well some of it – and it isn’t difficult for them to put themselves in the shoes of some of their friends and neighbours who may not be eating as well as they are.  It hasn’t stopped them moaning about things like don’t like as much, so I plan to get them doing some hard labour lugging the full food boxes around until the penny drops!

We’ve had fantastic support from Millfield School who have given us loads of practical support and help. And from the team at Chartwells who have helped us get a supply chain in place enabling us to get food ordered, delivered and repackaged into the right sized boxes for each family.

We’ve also had lots of support and encouragement from three of our local schools (Duchy PreSchool, Duchy School and Cullompton Community College) and Bradninch Together, a local mutual aid group set up by the good people of Bradninch to help out other Bradninch folk during the lock down.

Thank you for making so easy, and so fun

I know what we are doing is a ‘no brainer’ and that everyone immediately gets that there are people needing help through the covid crisis, but it has been so refreshing to see how willing to help people have been in setting this up. The feedback from our first week of deliveries has been fantastic. Now we need to press on and get fund raising so we can make a difference to as many families as we can.

That box was absolutely amazing I can’t thank you enough x”


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